'Sew Simple' to make embellishment with scraps!

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All this week we're looking at using small amounts of kit and giving our pages and projects big impact. Today I've got a fun simple way to make stitched embellishments using scraps of card and your twine from this months Quirky Kit.....

Stitched Embellishments
First take a scrap of white card and write your word on there in pencil. It can be part of a title on a layout or a greeting on a card or just a word that works with the project you're making. I'll be using this one on a recipe layout so I've gone with the word 'yum'.

Next take a pin and punch holes along your word, leave a gap of around 1cm between the holes, you might have to make them smaller to go around parts of the letter.

Use an eraser or something else squidgy underneath the piece of card as you punch through it with the pin, (into the eraser) to make it easier punching though the card.

Thread a darning needle with a long length of the twine from your kit and tie a knot in the end of it. Thread the twine up through the first hole and back down through the next to make your first stitch. After the first stitch come up through the next hole and go back down through the one behind it to make your stitches close together with no gaps. This will give the impression you have written the word with your twine.

Carry on stitching through the holes until you've finished your word. Knot the end of the twine to finish and trim it off at the back.

Finally cut out around your word leaving a boarder all the way around. You can draw around the word first in pencil and then cut it out if you need a line to follow. Erase any of the pencil lines still showing when you've finished your embellishment.

And here's the layout I've added the embellishment to:

I've used a mix up of both the main Quirky Kit and the Quirky Kit Lite.

These embellishments are also perfect to use as a greeting on cards. Here's a quick card idea....

Card instructions

Take the Kesi'art fuchia dot cardstock and cut out a piece 8x6 inches and fold it in half to make a 4x6 inch card blank. Cut a strip of the Soiree floral patterned paper to 5.5x1/5 inches, (or use a scrap!) and sew around the edge with a sewing machine, (optional). Glue the strip to your card blank on the left side. Use a die or punch to cut out a fancy shape from the Kesi'art cardstock and turn it over to the plain side. Cut the same shape from the Kesi'art Tutti Frutti patterned paper, (or another scrap of paper) and layer the two shapes together. Glue them to your card blank in the center of your card. Add the stitched embellishment to it and add a banner sticker from the Sassafras stickers, (in the Quirky Kit Lite) to your card. Make a paper bow by using two strip off cuts of paper folding them around to make the bow shape. Add it to your card to finish.

How to make a paper bow

Use a thin paper scrap and bend one end over then bend the other end over to make two loops

Staple the center of the loops to keep them in place

Take another thin scrap of paper and fold it aound the middle of the loops.

Glue it down at the back and cut off the excess to complete your paper bow.

Hope you're getting lots of ideas this week using your scraps! Pop back on Friday to see another project & don't forget to get playing with your scraps this week and leave a link on the blog in the comments showing what you've made. On Sunday I'll pick out a winner at random who'll win a selection of scrummy washi tapes!

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